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  • Branding and Logo/ Identity Design
  • Print Design (postcards, brochures, business cards, labels, letterhead, etc.)
  • Wedding/Event Branding and Stationery
  • Ad Design (print & web)
  • Page & Magazine Layout
  • Typography
  • Illustration
  • Photo editing
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
  • Verbal and Written Communication.


  • Freelance Graphic Designer: Jefferson City, MO — 3 years
  • Traverse Magazine/MyNorth Media: Traverse City, MI — Graphic Designer
  • Stephens College: Columbia, MO — Adjunct Professor, Design
  • Socket Internet: Columbia, MO — Graphic Design Intern
  • Obata Design: St Louis, MO — Graphic Design Intern
  • City of Columbia: Columbia, MO — Graphic Design Intern


In 2008, I graduated summa cum laude from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri.

My BFA in Interdisciplinary Design is a combination of design disciplines, including graphic, interior, architectural, and fashion design, and has served as a solid starting point for my creative endeavors.

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need marvelous design work?

Of course you do! (It is, after all, rare that I get a request for decidedly mediocre work.) Well, lucky for you, I'm available and relish the challenge!

Hello and welcome. I'm Eleanor Tiefenbrun, a graphic designer from St. Louis, Missouri. I develop fresh branding imagery and clean, modern, solutions for both printed materials and web. And my wide range of experience in the design field — from magazine to agency work — means I have a diverse skill set to deploy on your behalf.

Have a look around, peruse my portfolio, and please get in touch to discuss your next project. I look forward to hearing from you.


it goes like this (approach & process)

I'm a problem-solver by nature, and that extends to how I approach design projects. The way I see it, your project is generally meant to solve a problem (For instance, you may not have all the customers you want, so you need an ad or eye-catching label to draw some in — or, perhaps, you're launching a business, but don't have a logo and brand). Anyway, it's my job to design an effective and compelling solution to your problem, and, as a perpetual brainstormer, I get my kicks doing just that.

My creative process begins with learning all I can about your project and goals. I know that the solutions I deliver can be only as good as my understanding of your project and my communication with you, so this step is very important. Next, there's some back and forth about your vision, and my first ideas — brainstorming — plenty of it.

Then I'll take everything I've learned and run with it, generally sketching quite a bit, and then there's a whirlwind of actual, on-my-laptop designing and tweaking. Then I send the goods for you to review.

Next, you look it all over and send feedback. I tweak it and resend — a couppla times, if that's what it takes — so it's perfect and you're madly in love with whatever product we've developed.

Then, all that's left is to put it into action. So if it's a brochure, we arrange for printing. If it's a logo, we may begin working on further branding, business cards, or a website. If it's a website, we work with skilled web developers to take it online.

...and we all live happily ever after.

Shall we discuss your next project?

why the beet? (a bit about me, musings)

Well, why not? I come from a long line of farmers, and I've lived on a farm most all my life: growing up it was my family's organic produce farm near St. Louis. Now it's near Jefferson City with my husband and favorite natural chicken farmer, Matt, the big cheese at Buttonwood Farm. So the beet sort of plays to my rustic roots (cheesy plant anatomy pun very much intended).

Plus, beets were top-of-mind as I developed my own brand. See, I planted beets in our garden this year (I'd never been a fan of beets, but they're so darn lovely looking, I couldn't resist). Then they grew... and then I had a lotta beets. So I combed the internet and found the simplest and most miraculous roasted beet recipe. Now, I keep 'em in the fridge and eat 'em like candy. They're my newest favorite thing! Well, that and our new, soon-to-be-finished (progress has been sporadic, but we're getting there) front porch.

Which reminds me: when I'm not designing, I am usually either working to renovate our wonky old farmhouse (the porch is just one item on a very long list of DIY renovation projects) or I'm in the garden. I also enjoy cooking, sourdough bread baking, traveling, and reading. And beetery, of course.